Hello World


Hello World

Hi! This is the first entry on my blog. I think I haven't written something like this in the last 10 years. I've been focusing my time on writing software, emails, and tweets.

Last year a quote reached me: "When you are overthinking you need to write. If you are underthinking, you need to read".

That's the reason I've been preparing the last year to read more books, posts, articles, and newsletters; however, now is the moment to start writing. I ask for your patience, it has been a while. (Plus this post is getting translated from Spanish!)

Since I planned to start a blog (and code it myself, just like any other overachieving software developer) I knew I didn't want to make a post only presenting myself. What I want to do is to write down a post with a north start to follow the next 10 years.

But everything needs to start somewhere.

Hi! I'm José Manuel Gulias Lugo, you might know me as Chepe. I'm a software developer and designer living in Mexico City.

Thanks for reading, hope you stay for a while.